• Parade 2010
Back Alley Art Gallery 2010

Watch the first year of murals from our \"Back Alley Art Gallery Initiative\" come to life.

Murals 2012

Murals 2013

Eyes/Carmond Mural

Since 2010, the KCBIA with help from multiple partners have been able to successfully work on their Back Alley Art Gallery initiative. So far each summer we have been able to add three separate and unique murals to the gallery in the back alleys of Downtown Kamloops.

These murals were added to the collection of four that already existed and built upon our ‘Back Alley Art Gallery’ which is part of our Complete Streets Initiative. This season, we will continue to work on the project and have commissioned two local artists and two artist assistants to create three more large scale artworks in the 200 and 300 blocks of Victoria Street.

This would not have been at all possible without all of our community partners.

These partners include the Ministry of Housing and Social Development and their Job Creation Partnership, the various property owners, Kamloops Arts Council, suppliers including General Paint, United Rentals and the BC Wildlife Park. Through coming together we were able to take a dream and coax it into reality.

Locations of Current Back Alley Murals
219 Victoria St – Fuoco Block – Artist Ken Wells
231 Victoria St – Maple Leaf Block – Artist Ken Wells
241 Victoria St – Big Boot Inn – Artist Janice Gurney
245 Victoria St – Jardines – Artists Boyd & Gibson
247 Victoria St – Golden Buddha/Kennell’s Shoes – Artist Alex Moir-Porteus
257 Victoria St – Oronge – Artist Ken Wells
261 Victoria St – Tenisci Piva – Artist Ken Wells
273 Victoria St – Kipp-Mallery – unknown
319 Victoria St –  DA Taylor Holdings – Artist Alex Moir-Porteus
331 Victoria St – Ken Wells
347 Victoria St – Castles & Cottages – Kelly Wright
351 Victoria St – Viva Bridal – Ken Wells
422 Victoria St – Karateristics – Artist Alexander Moir-Porteus
120 5th Ave – Cactus Jack’s – Artist Alexander Moir-Porteus
124 4th Ave – Central Station Pub – Kelly Wright

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