This Summer (2016) the CAP team took the initiative to administer a survey regarding the reason’s people come downtown and other associated statistics. The Survey covered a wide variety of topics including parking, the services people utilized, how much they typically spent, safety, and which downtown events were most popular. In addition, the team also performed a series of pedestrian counts, regularly, at certain times of day. This, in conjunction with our survey results, allowed us to form a fairly detailed picture of why and where people come downtown. The following is our analysis and overview of the data collected.

Customer Survey

Survey Results





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Overview and Methods

A total of 247 surveys were completed, the majority of which were completed online at and the remaining were filled out in person. The survey was promoted using Facebook and social media., where it reached over 3,495 people were reached when we boosted our Facebook post and we had 103 people click on the link to the survey. Assuming that only those people in our greater metropolitan area or our trading area filled out the survey, this sample size is on the small side. However we can be 95% sure that for each question, the answers reflect the whole population within 8% or lower (meaning if a question is answered “A” 50% of the time and “B” 50% of the time we can be sure that 42-58% of population would chose “A” or “B”. This means that for the worst case scenario, the survey is accurate within 8%. Furthermore, because most of the surveys were done online we cannot ignore the risk of personal bias as the survey relies on people to be honest. Although 247 surveys were filled out some of the questions were not answered by everyone.

Pedestrian Count




Farmer’s Market Counts are from the Saturday Farmers Market.


  1. Pedestrian Count Data and Analyses
    Summer 2015