Our CAP Team mandate is to promote public safety, assist all visitors to downtown and make downtown Kamloops an even more desirable place to shop, play, eat and just be.

 The Team: The CAP Team consists of a Team Supervisor and several patrol members. CAP Team members are all responsible for taking on both the roles of downtown Safety img_4198Patrollers and Ambassadors. Both the Safety Patrol and Ambassador aspects of the program are important to the success of the team. Interviews are held during the month of April with the program running from the End of April to the end of August. A strong commitment to complete the summer term of the program or continue with the Year-Round Patrol is essential to its success.

 Safety Patrol: Observe and report unsafe conditions, crime, graffiti, and vagrancy around the downtown and report/refer panhandlers and homeless to outreach facilities that may assist them. As well, our team assists the RCMP and By Law with crime prevention strategies and initiatives in a non-aggressive capacity.

Ambassadors: You must be an embodiment of hospitality and tourism. Greet and welcome both locals and visitors to the Centre of the City. Lead tours for Rocky Mountaineer Tourists. Aid tourists daily by pointing out historical points of interest, key events and activities, attractions, restaurants, shopping, parking and accommodations. Provide Downtown Visitor Info Centre/Kio
sk coverage and work with Tourism Kamloops.

Take care of businesses: Build relationships with the merchants and service providers in the area. Assist in hosting events such as Merchants Market, Spring Festival, Hot Nite in the City, Live at Lunch music program and much more. Assist with marketing ventures and distribute literature regarding the opportunities and events in the Central area.

Training: First Aid, Tourism BC, Bylaw basics-City, Bike Riding-RCMP, Media & Public Relations, Customer Service, Public Health issues, Outreach and Needle Safety, Self Defense, and Radio Communications.

Year-round Patrol: This is a group of CAP img_2454 Team Members who have recently graduated and are looking for experience to kick start a career in Law Enforcement, Law, Social Work and Human Services, Social Sciences, Tourism or another related field.

This arm of the program runs year long and has similar responsibilities and duties as Summer Cap Team Members. There is an increased focus on a year-long project that is career related and learning from a mentor in your field of interest.




Please contact the CAP Team if you have any questions or comments regarding tourism or safety in downtown Kamloops | Cell 572-3008 or 572-3009 | Email: capteam@kcbia.com 

Hours of Operation

Sunday: Closed


Monday – Saturday: 9am-5pm